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ACT Foundation / What We Do

In a time of increasing global competition and rapidly changing technologies, markets, and jobs, the ability to adapt and acquire new knowledge and skills has never been more critical. Addressing these profound changes is the core of ACT Foundation’s work and vision: to give working learners age 14-29 broader opportunities for combining working and learning for life satisfaction.

Our work is focused on three strategic impact areas:

Informing to Influence

Make the case and communicate evidence that informs, inspires, and influences decision making.

Actionable Research
The Future of Work and Learn

Expanding Options

Generate and incubate approaches to connecting work and learn experiences with learning needs.

National Retail Services Initiative
Learning is Earning 2026

Catalyzing Action

Mobilize working learners, employers, and education practitioners to demand and scale innovative solutions for work-learn-life success.

National Network
Working Learners Advisory Council

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