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Working toward a National Learning Economy

In a time of increasing global competition and rapidly changing technologies, markets, and jobs, the ability to adapt and acquire new knowledge and skills has never been more critical. Addressing these profound changes is the core of ACT Foundation’s work and vision: To help catalyze a National Learning Economy.

Our work is focused on three strategic impact areas:

Develop and Release Transformative, Actionable Evidence: We use a solid foundation of research and data to ensure that the National Learning Economy cultivates the success of working learners, businesses, and the country.

Catalyze and Advance Innovative Solutions: To cata lyze change, we foster and support the design, development, and testing of innovative, breakthrough models and practices.

Optimize Real World Solutions: We support testing the pilots and prototypes of innovation in different environments to ensure their readiness to scale.

ACT Foundation works to achieve measurable outcomes and meaningful impact to support the building of a robust National Learning Economy and to help working learners reach their goals. In support of these efforts, we are investing in four inaugural projects aligned with the above strategic impact areas:

The Aces Applied Research Network
Working Learners Advisory Council
Moving Mind to Market
National Network of Business and Industry Associations

A National Learning Economy is one in which individuals are valued for their knowledge and skills, and their ability to perform is rewarded by life satisfaction and career success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ document is available for download by clicking the link

Learn more about our investments:

programs-actionable-evidenceAces Applied Research Network
programs-bridge-divideNational Network of Business & Industry Associations
programs-catalyze-innovationMoving Mind to Market
programs-lastoneActivating Working Learners
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