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ACT Foundation reaches across organizational boundaries, sectors, and the nation, to develop strategic approaches to support working learners in their journeys toward successful careers and lives.

What is a National Learning Economy?

VisionPaper_ThumbnailSmMost Americans today are working learners—those actively engaged in working and learning in order to attain greater economic security and overall life satisfaction. ACT Foundation works to provide these individuals with improved access to relevant learning opportunities, better connections to employers, and more attainable career paths, all of which serve to strengthen performance.

The result? A nation engaged in realizing potential, where people are valued for their ability to perform. We call it a National Learning Economy.

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ACT Foundation Annual Report: 2013 – 2014

The Journey Begins: ACT Foundation’s 2013-2014 Interactive Annual Report highlights the many accomplishments of our inaugural year as an operating foundation. Learn more about the Foundation’s list of achievements by month; our key investments in Actionable Evidence, Demand, Supply, and Innovation; and what we expect to accomplish in the coming year. Click here to view and explore the annual reportreadmore-arrow



News & Downloads

    • National Network Releases Work and Learn Guidebook for Employers (November 18, 2015) – The National Network of Business and Industry Associations today released a guidebook for employers to understand and adopt work-and-learn programs, including modernized internships, apprenticeships and mentorships. Led by Business Roundtable and ACT Foundation, the National Network is a collaboration of 25 business organizations representing 10 economic sectors, and focuses on connecting the worlds of learning and work. Read more →

    • Working Learners are Majority of Today’s Students (October 28, 2015) – A new report, “Learning While Earning: The New Normal”, by Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, indicates that most students are working learners, “students who balance learning in college with earning a paycheck” and account for nearly 14 million and approximately 70%-80% of college students. Read more →

    • Innovation Projects Aim to Close Skills Gap By Improving Learning, Training and Hiring (September 21, 2015) – The National Network of Business and Industry Associations, an effort led by Business Roundtable and ACT Foundation, is pleased to announce it will invest in 12 projects aimed at advancing talent development efforts across the nation in key economic sectors. The National Network Announces 12 Initiatives Will Receive Support. Read more →

    • SkillsUSA Nationals Highlights from ACT Foundation and the National Network (June 25, 2015) – ACT Foundation and the National Network proudly support the competitors from across the nation who attended the SkillsUSA Nationals event held in Louisville, KY to show off their talents and competencies in a variety of skill-based events. During the three day event, ACT Foundation and the National Network hosted a Breakfast meeting that included a powerful keynote address from Dr. Parminder Jassal, Founding Executive Director of ACT Foundation. Read more →

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