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Aces Applied Research Network

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Evidence-based solutions from a legacy of data

ACT Foundation assembled the Aces Applied Research Network as a collaborative research hub of scholars and practitioners from around the country. The team brings fresh perspectives and diverse experiences from the sectors that have the greatest impact on working learners:

  • education (K-Career)
  • economics
  • business and industry
  • technology

The Aces’ work includes defining working learners and assessing the research landscape of the National. Learning. Economy.™ The group is developing a research agenda, with particular focus on young, low-income working learners and the issues they face in accessing and succeeding in learning opportunities. Aces also will help develop the following tools to allow us to measure our progress toward a National Learning Economy:

  • National. Learning. Economy.™ Metrics Framework
  • National. Learning. Economy.™ Index

In addition, Aces have access to the 50-plus years of data and insights developed by ACT. New evidence resulting from the Aces’ research, together with the ACT data and insights, will help in developing solutions that support working learners and the National Learning Economy.

Meet our Aces:

Meet our Aces Applied Research Network Advisors:

Who are the Aces?

Our Aces are the ACT Foundation super heroes. We have the Motivator. The Adventurer. The Running Back. The Kindler. In total, nine thought-leaders carrying us forward.

Current Grants

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