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National Network

Connecting what America learns to how business works

Industries representing 75 percent of job growth by 2020 have come together to create a blueprint of knowledge, skills and abilities for students and workers to succeed in an ever-evolving economy.


The National Network of Business and Industry Associations (National Network) leverages the work of organizations that share a common challenge: finding skilled talent to fill open jobs. Its membership represents the primary sectors of the U.S. economy, which make up the source of nearly 75% of projected job growth by 2020 (an estimated 30 million new jobs).

With support from multiple foundations, ACT Foundation and the Business Roundtable established the National Network to permanently align learning with solid employment opportunities and life success. Membership includes leaders in the manufacturing, retail, healthcare, energy, construction, hospitality, transportation, business, and information technology sectors.

Opening doors by creating opportunities

The National Network of Business and Industry Associations (National Network) works to bridge this “skills gap” by better connecting the worlds of learning and work. We’ve brought together a cross-section of business and industry groups to help communicate to learning institutions the skills employers are looking for, as well as to help industries and employers adjust their hiring and business practices to focus on the competencies and skills workers have and are developing in today’s evolving economy.

Areas of focus include:

  • setting national standards for industry credentials
  • identifying cross-sector knowledge, skills, and abilities to make educational programming more effective and efficient
  • expanding work-based learning
  • changing HR practices so employers “hire for competency”
  • creating more learning pathways that yield employment outcomes

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