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The Future of Work and Learn

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ACT Foundation is reimagining the future of education where learning is earning. We envision a future where the necessary connection between working and learning are fused; creating increased educational and economic opportunity and a “National Learning Economy” that benefits working learners, employers, and the economy.

Learning is Earning

Our vision for the future is being realized through our work with our partners at Institute for the Future, rethinking the skills and knowledge working learners will need to succeed in the future and the ways they will acquire those skills. In 2016, we explored a future where working and learning are inextricably linked by engaging working learners and thought leaders in the interactive Learning is Earning 2026 game, presented at SXSWedu, SkillsUSA, and the Aspen Ideas Festival.

Future Skills

In the future, working learners will need to employ a set of “future skills” that aren’t always taught in the classroom. These skills, include virtual collaboration, resilience, applied knowledge, cross-cultural relationships, computational thinking, and analysis. Our partner, Institute for the Future, has explored and detailed the competencies that success in the workplace of the future require, and the results may not be what you think.

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Explore our vision for the future:

Learning is Earning in the National Learning Economy interactive ecosystem.  (Download .pdf here.)

Read the Future Skills Update and Literature Review. (Download .pdf here.)

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