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National Retail Services Initiative

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The National Retail Services Initiative (NRSI) is a capacity building, systemic investment from Walmart which includes three elements:

  • Element 1: National Retail Services Competency Model: Convene a National Retail Services Advisory Council to build out a cross-sector retail services competency model.
  • Element 2:  Interactive Next Generation Technology Platform: Design, develop, and launch an open-sourced technology platform to display learning and career maps driven by the newly built cross-sector competency model for working learners, learning providers, and employers.
  • Element 3: Planning Partnerships: Activate planning partnerships with employers to develop and design “Hiring for Competency” tools to help implement the competency model.

Learn more about the initiative
Download the Retail Services Initiative Competency Model
National Retail Services Advisory Council Members


The culminating activity of this work was the I AM RETAIL Summit, where the models, strategic plans, implementation approaches, and Next Generation Retail Service Gateway were discussed among collaborating associations and employers themselves. Lessons learned from the project were shared and panel discussions wrapped around Hiring for Competency in the retail sector were showcased.

Learn more about the I AM RETAIL Summit here.

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