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Learning is Earning 2026 is a collaborative project led by the ACT Foundation in partnership with the Institute for the Future to imagine a future where learning and earning are inextricably linked. This interactive forecasting experience leverages IFTF’s Foresight Engine™ platform and is designed to engage thousands of participants to generate innovative ideas about the future. A game like this helps take people outside the bounds of daily modes of thinking. When we think about the future, it is critical to loosen those bounds so that we can anticipate the plausible, but not-yet- realized. This kind of experience also encourages both competition and collaboration, which can be very useful in building shared visions of the future. Through the concept of play, we can generate meaningful conversations about the future of working, learning, and living.

Until recently, we thought of learning, earning, and living as separate experiences. We went to school when we were young. We spent our adult years working, and we squeezed our personal lives into whatever brief windows of time were left. But imagine a world where all of this has changed. The Learning Is Earning in National Learning Economy Map provided signals that helped develop the future scenario of a digital learning ledger powered by blockchain technology. Learning is Earning 2026 imagines a world where knowledge is more than power—it’s currency that ties together every aspect of our lives. In this future, the currency of learning is tracked and traded on a digital platform called the Ledger. A Ledger is a record of everything you’ve ever learned, everyone you’ve learned from, and everyone who has learned from you. Watch the video scenario at numerous blogs and media outlets.

Learning Is Earning 2026 was launched at SXSWedu in March 2016. Over two thousand students, workers, and educators across the country shared 8,923 ideas towards imaging a future where learning is earning. While the game was live, it trended nationally on twitter and was picked up by numerous blogs and media outlets.

The Learning Is Earning 2026 game was recently taken international at the EduTECH conference in Sydney, Australia in early June. On June 21 and 22, the game will engage working learners, educators, and employers at SkillsUSA National Skills Competition and Conference in Louisville, KY. At SkillsUSA, the forecasting game will focus on engaging those who are likely impacted the most: young working learners. These “working learners” are balancing earning both an education and an income simultaneously— often with the pursuit of one at the expense of the other. Learning Is Earning 2026 will also be highlighted at the Aspen Ideas Festival at the beginning of July, reopening game play for thousands of innovators and influencers from across the globe.

Join the National Conversation during SkillsUSA National Skill Competition and Conference. The game begins at 9:00 a.m., EDT on June 21, and runs until 5:00 p.m., EDT on June 22. Play the future: numerous blogs and media outlets.

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