Posted: November 4th, 2016

buttons-3ACT Foundation is excited to celebrate the next chapter of its work, carried forth in the work of the ACT Center for Equity in Learning .

ACT has committed to continue to champion the work of the Foundation in uncovering the unique needs of underserved and working learners and finding solutions to bridge equity gaps. Addressing the needs of young working learners will be critical to that effort, as a disproportionate share of underserved learners are employed and balancing life demands while striving to achieve excellence.  They are the future of our workforce— a diverse, technologically literate cadre of emerging professionals who can push global prosperity forward in new and exciting ways if we are able to adequately recognize and support their dreams as they build skills and knowledge.

As we wind down, we would like to thank the thousands of working learners, business and industry associations, partner organizations, grantees and funders, researchers, thought leaders, technology developers, futurists, educators, blog readers, game players, event attendees, booth visitors, Twitter chatters, Facebook followers, designers, videographers, social media gurus, photographers, event planners, and family members who have been part the ACT Foundation journey. Our success in establishing the critical link between working and learning is due in large measure to your belief in our vision, your tireless energy, and your unwavering advocacy. Thank you for your courage. Keep dreaming and helping to advance the goals and needs of young working learners.

Please continue to support our work through the ACT Center for Equity in Learning. We are looking forward to helping to create a learning economy where the incredible opportunity of working and learning leads to education, workplace, and life success for all.