Game On!

Posted: June 21st, 2016

DSC_0735SkillsUSA students foresee a future where people are addicted to learning.

ACT Foundation engaged hundreds of students at the SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills Conference in Louisville, KY today, talented young people from all over the country who participated in workshops and visited our trade show booth. During our workshops, ACT Foundation and Institute for the Future representatives introduced the Learning is Earning 2026 game to conference attendees, talking to students about the future and helping them understand that coming changes to education could include the monetization of learning through technology, where everything they have ever learned is banked in the “Ledger.”

Students provided thoughtful feedback on the concept, noting that they already use Youtube and other technologies to learn new skills independent of their academic regimens, and that adding an easy to understand monetary value to learning may encourage underperformers to add urgency to acquiring knowledge. The future could also lead to more personalized learning.

Visitors to the ACT Foundation booth on the TECHSPO floor were able to play the Learning Is Earning game, and provided insightful perspectives on the future of learning and earning, answering the question, “What would you want to do in a future in which learning was earning?”

Marcel: “I would like to watch the World Cup of Knowledge Sharing.”

Adam: “Schools running Ledger programs will give students more flexible hours. Being present at school every day won’t be necessary.”

Wisler: “The future is a world led by questioning and curiosity.”

Steven: “A culture of people addicted to learning, thinking, producing and communicating more.”

“It would be focused around independent work, because it’s difficult for two people of two different skill sets to learn one thing,” said a student from Maryland. “Everyone has a different way of learning. You would have to immerse yourself and be self-motivated.”

Students were not shy about pointing out possible challenges associated with monetized learning powered by technology. The digital divide, for example, could make it hard for disconnected workers to show their value. “It kind of seems like the whole world could be run by this technology,” said a student from California. “We would be learning, which is always good, but we could be run by it, which is a little dangerous.”

The students pointed out that the definition of learning has always been expanding. Workers have to compensate for others who are absent, for example, and have to learn new skills in the process. Everyone works while learning, according to another student from Maryland, including homemakers. “Housewives constantly have to adapt to new situations,” she said.

ACT Foundation and the Institute for the Future will continue to engage SkillsUSA students in playing the Learning is Earning game on Wednesday, as well as test the SEEK skills mapping platform.

To play Learning is Earning 2026, visit, or use social media to share your ideas for a future in which you were paid to learn!

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