Dr. Jassal and “Women of Foresight” Examine Education’s Future

Posted: September 9th, 2016

Author Liz Alexander, Ph.D., co-founder of Leading Thought, asked 19 other women of foresight the following question for a recent publication: “If there was one thing I could change in education to better prepare students for the future of work, it would be?” The thought leaders interviewed included ACT Foundation Executive Director Parminder Jassal, Ph.D., who commented on the need to prepare students for our transition into a learning economy, where performance becomes paramount.

Parminder High Resolution Headshot“Offering every 14-24 year old a ‘work and learn,’ where work for pay is fully integrated into the learning program, could ensure an equitable future,” said Jassal. “This requires us to imagine a future where learning and earning is synonymous and new learning and career fields are discovered daily.  We need to prepare working learners to own their journey into the learning economy.”  -Dr. Parminder Jassal

Read Women of Foresight: Changes in Education for Future Student Success

The views presented in the article represent a wide range of perspectives. They address the need for more acute personalization and sensitivity in education, the need for mentoring, and ways education can cater to the development of well-rounded human beings. Contributors also explored relationship development, how students learn to think critically, and how to prepare students for the jobs of the future. They also talked about the need for students to develop a wide range of skills, both theoretical and practical.

In addition to Jassal and Alexander, thought-leaders who provided their perspectives to the discussion included Dr. Lynn Curry, founder of CurryCorp and former University of Toronto professor; Dr. Geci Kurari-Sebina, author and manager for programs at South African Cities Network; Dr. Janice Presser, author, behavioral scientist, and CEO of the Gabriel Institute; Katherine Prince, senior director of Strategic Foresight at KnowledgeWorks, Emily Empel, head of Idea Couture’s foresight practice; Alexandra Whittington, foresight researcher for Fast Future Research, Maree Conway, a strategic foresight practitioner and researcher at Thinking Futures; Monica Conway, a designer, researcher and future thinker with Thougthful Futures,  Joyce Gioia, author and CEO of The Herman Group; Elizabeth Merritt, vice president for Strategic Foresight at the American Alliance of Museums and founding director of the Center for the Future of Museums, Dr. Nisreen Lahham, founder and head of the Future Studies Forum for Africa and the Middle East; Anne Boysen, founder of After the Millennials, Rebecca Searles, science journalist and product manager for Sonr; Cornelia Daheim, founder of Future Impacts Consulting; Radha Mistry, part of the applied research and consulting group at Steelcase, Jonelle Simunich, foresight specialist on Arup’s Global Foresight, Research + Innovation team; Furoozan Sharaf, director of the Corporate Support department for the Executive Office of Dubai, Dawn Quaker, founder of AUKERA, and Elaine Cameron, senior director at Burson-Marsteller.