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Tom Goedken

Board of Directors & Officers

Tom Goedken

Senior Vice President of Finance,
Chief Financial Officer


Tom Goedken directs the work of ACT’s financial unit, which includes planning and implementation of all budgetary and operational activities that support the organization. Prior to joining ACT in 2001, Mr. Goedken served as manager of the Iowa City office of Clifton Gunderson, PLC. Previous roles include Chief Executive Officer at Anasazi, Inc., and Chief Financial Officer/Controller at Purethane, Inc. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and an MBA from the University of Iowa.

Q&A with Tom Goedken

How is the ACT Foundation different from other foundations?

The ACT Foundation is unique because it is connected to a long, rich history of data from ACT, that it can leverage to inform applied research and solutions. As a small foundation, we also have the potential to partner and collaborate with other foundations and use good information to measure where our collective work can have the greatest impact.

What really excites you about this journey with the ACT Foundation?

Between ACT, and the ACT Foundation, we have great leadership and governance that gives us the confidence in our brand and identity, but also allows us to take risks and try new things. The Foundation, while autonomous in generating new ideas and solutions, will be a real complement and give good guidance to the trusted legacy of ACT.

What does success look like?

Metrics of success are both financial and outcomes-based. The ACT Foundation is committed to tracking its goals and maintaining transparency in reporting progress, challenges, and successes of those goals to help working learners succeed.

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