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Sara Netolicky, Esq.

Board of Directors & Officers

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Sara Netolicky, Esq.

Vice President and General Counsel


Sara Netolicky serves as Vice President and General Counsel at ACT, as well as Corporate Secretary for the ACT Foundation. Ms. Netolicky earned her juris doctor degree from Drake University, and holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Iowa.

Q&A with Sara Netolicky

What do you believe the ACT Foundation can do for working learners?

ACT has years of research and data that show the growing skills gap in this country. The jobs of the future are going to be very different and the demands in various fields are changing. Working learners will need to be prepared for these changes. They will be competing for jobs with people around the world, not just in their community. The Foundation can help young working learners understand these issues and what they need to do to succeed in this changing environment.

What really excites you about this journey with the ACT Foundation?

This is a rare opportunity to be a part of something that has the ability to shape and influence the direction of an organization and help people. With input from many stakeholders, Executive Director Parminder Jassal has helped the Foundation define its mission and purpose and has focused on the important issue of working learners and the challenges they face.

While I play a relatively small part in the ACT Foundation, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to contribute. My role allows me to share my knowledge and experience in working with ACT, and help the Foundation from a governance foundation and policy perspective.

How do we make this work differently from other foundations and organizations?

ACT, has laid a great “foundation” by providing high-quality programs and services, research, and policy leadership in the K-career continuum. The Foundation can take this work to the next level and become a true thought leader in its focus area of supporting working learners, while at the same time making significant contributions to the public good. I am pleased to see the Foundation already starting to bring other stakeholders together to have greater overall impact.

How do we let stakeholders better understand, access, interact with, and use our solutions?

We need to leverage research, data, and other resources that support our solutions to tell a more powerful story. We need to capture the attention of the working learner population so that they become engaged and see themselves as part of the solution.

Where do you hope we have the most impact?

The growing unemployment rate of our young adult population is troubling and, if not checked, will have larger implications for our nation. The ACT Foundation has a unique opportunity to help solve this problem and impact millions of individuals.

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