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Parminder K. Jassal, Ph.D.

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Parminder K. Jassal, Ph.D.

Executive Director


Parminder K. Jassal was named Founding Executive Director of ACT Foundation in 2012. She oversees the organization’s unique role as an operating foundation that both funds strategic investments and serves as an incubation partner. Dr. Jassal previously served as a program officer supporting postsecondary success for low-income young adults at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. There, she envisioned a college-operating model titled “Pathways to Credentials and Careers” and led the “Learn and Earn” movement among employers and education providers. Her experiences in the private, Fortune 50, and start-up sectors has strengthened her resolve for organizing “collective response” to big issues. Whether in the business world, the nonprofit arena, or philanthropy, Dr. Jassal has acted at the intersection of business and social impact to create transformative change by creating solutions that “internetwork” isolated or adjacent sectors.

Dr. Jassal completed high school in India and is a product of U.S. public higher education. She earned an associate’s degree from Southwestern Community College in Iowa, a bachelor’s degree in market research undergirded by information technology from the University of Northern Iowa, a master’s degree in market research targeting the higher education sector from the University of Alaska Anchorage, and a doctorate in higher education leadership focusing on the relationship between economic and talent development from the University of Louisville. She is fluent in Hindi, Punjabi, and English.

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